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Hello, I’m Lucy – the founder of bsafe. Thank you for visiting the bsafe website. We hope you are enjoying browsing our range of alcohol-free sanitising products. If you have any questions about us or our products or there is something else you would like to see, please get in touch.

So where did bsafe come from?

I am a busy, working mum with a passion for environmental products. I love taking care of my family with quality products that don’t cost the earth. Furthermore, I am passionate about the environment. Highlighting the issue to safeguard future generations. Whilst trying to cope with the relentless demands we expect to inhabit this planet.

As Environmental Director at Opec, my company has played a small part in trying to assist companies to improve pollution control and make better, more informed choices to reduce the effect of pollution. Whilst in many cases also improving the bottom line. It is this experience, knowledge and access to resources that led me to create bsafe. A range of kind-to-skin, alcohol-free and protective products.

In March 2020, with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I became aware of feedback from my customers and my children as to just how harsh most hand sanitisers were on their skin, drying it out and making it crack.  My eldest daughter came home from school with cracked and sore hands asking, “Mummy, can’t we make some alcohol-free hand sanitiser? I hate the school sanitiser!

She had a point. I had been using many different types of hand sanitisers. They were too strongly perfumed, too stringent on my hands, too wet, or too gritty – the list goes on! With our chemistry contacts, knowledge of the environmental market and our very own discerning critics, I knew we could create a safe to use, alcohol-free sanitiser. With the protection from germs and bacteria for 2+ hours. So, fast-forward a few months and here we are at bsafe.

I have learnt so much along this journey. I hope that you will join me in educating our children about the importance of protecting the environment and each other.

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