What are the 5 key benefits of using alcohol-free hand sanitiser?

If you look around the general high-street stores, you’ll notice that nearly all hand sanitisers and hand gels contain alcohol.

These hand sanitisers are more common now than ever before, with the COVID pandemic highlighting the importance of hand hygiene.

The overall consensus seem to be that alcohol is needed to effectively kill germs and viruses. We’re here to tell you this is untrue. In fact, alcohol free hand sanitisers can provide protection against viruses alongside a number of further benefits.

kids safe alchohol free hand sanitiser

Effective for killing germs

Our bsafe products contain a magic ingredient benzalkonium chloride, unlike isopropanol or ethanol that are used in alcohol hand sanitisers. Benzalkonium chloride combats viruses in the same manner that its alcohol partners do, by destroying the outer membrane of the germs to stop the virus from multiplying. 

Long-lasting effect

On top of this, alcohol-free hand sanitisers contain a whole host of wider benefits. Alcohol based sanitisers on average, only protect your hands for a couple of minutes, unlike bsafe products which leave a residual film on your hands, offering protection against germs and viruses for up to 2 hours. 

Great for sensitive skin

Unlike its alcohol counterpart, bsafe’s alcohol-free hand sanitiser doesn’t dry out our hands by stripping away the natural oils on the skin that retain moisture. Skin is therefore left silky smooth and that’s due to the aloe vera in the bsafe products. Furthermore, alcohol-free hand sanitisers are kinder to skin, making them suitable for children and those who may have sensitive skin.

Pleasant odour

The smell of alcohol isn’t the most appealing to begin with, so applying alcohol to your hands can seem like a compromise to kill germs. Some alcohol sanitisers have added chemicals known as esters to help negate the smell, adding to the non-natural ingredients already present in alcohol sanitisers. With bsafe’s alcohol-free hand sanitiser, the alcohol smell isn’t present, leaving hands with a more natural aroma. 


One of the most alarming things about alcohol-based sanitisers is the potential for misuse or injury, intentionally or otherwise. There are cases where children have obtained burns from an alcohol sanitiser due to not being aware of the dangers when applied near open flames. As bsafe is an alcohol free sanitiser, our product is a safer product for children, especially when they could be near open flames such as during a science class. 

With all the benefits that alcohol-free hand sanitisers provide; it makes sense to make the switch over.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out our bsafe products and see the benefits to you and your families’ skin! You’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the switch sooner! 

And remember, always bsafe.

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